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GeMech are very excited to have finally launched a new website – after a fair few months of hard work!

As GeMech has grown as a business, we wanted to be able to showcase our wide range of solutions and services to our customers (old and new), in the simplest way possible. Our aim was to create a modern-looking website that enabled everyone to access the information they needed, quickly and easily.

Understanding exactly how our process works when proposing and implementing a solution from start to finish can be a bit confusing – so we took out the confusion and simplified it into three simple steps.

When looking for the right piling or ground improvement solution, there may be specific capabilities that are required, or advantages that would be a benefit to know about. To help with this, we provided simplistic explanations of each of our solutions that include their main capabilities and benefits, along with information on what they are and how they work.

Our aim is to deliver excellent service and value and we are committed to delivering measurable results and currently serve over 250 customers annually. To illustrate in real-life how our solutions have made tangible differences for our customers, we decided to provide a number of informative case studies that showcase different techniques used within projects that we have successfully completed for them.