GeMech ground flattening machine

Driven Precast Concrete Piling

Driven precast concrete piling is being added to the GeMech repertoire. We have an exciting update on our “drive” to offer more engineering solutions for our valued clients. Our colleagues at AGD Equipment LTD have been busy this last week transforming one of our steel cased bottom driven piling rigs in to a restricted access precast concrete piling rig. As well as being able to offer a solution, where vibration and noise restrictions may apply, we are still able to provide an efficient alternative in steel casings. Once the rig is adapted, we will be able to offer up to 250mm square precast concrete piles in as little as 7.0m headroom up to any length depending on ground conditions.

GeMech are looking forward to adding the adapted machine to our fleet, and will be putting it to work in Haywards Heath in two weeks time.